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Capital Gains Tax Increase Impact on Family Farms

Understanding the Issue

The capital gains tax increase will have a significant impact on family-run grain farms, leading to a 30% increase in taxes. This change will create financial challenges for these farms, potentially threatening their sustainability. It is crucial for policymakers to understand the implications of this tax hike on family farms and take necessary actions to protect their interests.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for fair tax policies that safeguard the livelihoods of family-owned farms. We aim to raise awareness about the potential consequences of the capital gains tax increase and work towards creating a supportive environment for family farms to thrive. By engaging with stakeholders and policymakers, we strive to influence favorable outcomes for family-run grain farms.

Join Our Cause

Join us in our efforts to protect family farms from the adverse effects of the capital gains tax hike. Your support can make a difference in preserving generational farming traditions and ensuring the future of family-owned agricultural businesses. Together, we can drive positive change and secure a sustainable future for our family farms.

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